There are no good substitutes for understanding.

The business case for uploading:


Motivation: biological mortality is problematic, but leverage point to that is presenting a business case for the alternative

  • of the 6 pathways to immortality, brain uploading has the highest likelyhood to be realized within our lifetime
  • wherever attention focuses, technology ever increases. "When man realizes a technology is within reach, it achieves it."
  • Specifically, eg youtube foresaw the wide deployment of broadband enabling streaming video a few years ahead, and made plans on top of it
  • Moore's law is unbroken:
  • The processing demands for a whole-brain-emulation (assuming spiking neural network) is estimated at 1 exaflop
  • In 2019, a supercomputing centre went online with medium capacity of 1.2 exaflop.
  • This means, if we had the connectivity map, we could be running uploads now. (the actual extraction process is interesting, but out-of-the-scope here)
  • One way to get there is to motivate businesses to pay attention to an alternate way to get cognitive power
  • Compute costs are dominated by power costs -eg Google purchases HW on the basis of their MFlop/watt efficiency
  • 2020: TPU: Edge TPU: 4TOPS / 2W =>x 10KWH ($1) => ~20 petaflop per hourdollar => $50 / hour for 1 exaflop


  • implications: we could have, now, an upload, running for <$50 / hour
  • implications: we are now living in the branch of reality, whereby uploads -if ever figured out- will be economically dominating & being more economical in all professions earning >$50/hour
  • This justifies replacement of high-end workforce with uploaded equalents, whenever cost of employment is >$50/hour